Handsful O' Blues

by Reggie Miles

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1. Handsful O' Blues 4:50
2. It's The Slide Of Your Size 2:27
3. She's Trouble 4:01
4. The Devil 6:57
5. Sometimes That Bear Bites You 4:18
6. Always Lookin' T' Upgrade 2:08
7. Another Lover 3:41
8. Blues In My Lap 3:42
9. Katrina Blues 6:51
10. Drunk 3:42
11. Blue Collar Blues 3:11

This is my first disc of original Blues and novelty songs. The approaches vary but all are played with acoustic guitars, my own style of fingerpicking and many feature a healthy dose of bottleneck slide.

The guitars used in this collection are several that I've picked up on the garage sale trail, a late 1930s Gibson made Kalamazoo flat-top, a late 1920s Knutsen Hawaiian lap guitar, a Martin D 12-20 and my very own "Nobro" resophonic. This last of of these is something that I fashioned myself from recycled garage sale junk, twenty years ago. Some of the items that I used in its construction include a door kick plate, record player parts, piano sound board, a baseball bat, a part from a vegetable steamer set and a table leg.

Yep, I was going "green" decades before going green was even cool.

My chosen bottleneck slides include a frictionless marine propeller shaft bearing, a Bromo Seltzer bottle and a slide projector lens housing.

I primarily play in standard tuning, open E and E minor tuning forms (low to high - EBEG#BE and EBEGBE). The same open tuning form is altered to offer some of my songs in different keys, but the form is the same. You'll also hear a little rack mounted harp with some of these songs.

These songs were all recorded by Mark Willet at Falcon Audio in Sultan, WA. in the spring of 2008. Many were recorded in single takes, without additional over-dubs and only minimally processed for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed the song, "Hands Full Of Blues", you may want to check out Jeff Hanley's live video capture of me sharing it on the Street at Seattle's Pike Place Market,,,



released February 2, 2008

All songs written, arranged and performed by REGGIE MILES



all rights reserved


Reggie Miles Seattle, Washington

A Folk/Blues artist from the US Pacific Northwest
A Songwriter, Singer, Storyteller, Slide Guitarist & Sawplayer
Earthy vocals, resophonic guitar bottleneckin’ and the rhythmic moans of harmonica combine while foot stompin’ abounds.
Turns recycled trash into "Nobro" resophonic guitars.
An award winning songwriter, composer, recording and performance artist
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Track Name: It's The Slide Of Your Size
It’s The Slide Of Your Size

It’s not the size of your slide, it’s the slide of your size
Ain’t no need to get jealous of the other guy’s
Boys you better get hip to this tip to the wise
It’s not the size of your slide, it’s the slide of your size

A long time ago it used to be slick
To walk real soft and carry a big stick
But I’m here to remind all you big stick guys
It’s not the size of your slide, it’s the slide of your size

All you misters have heard sisters testify
It ain’t the meat it’s the motion that satisfies
I’d like to confirm that notion and dispel the lies
It’s not the size of your slide, it’s the slide of your size

All you hicks diggin’ me pick my licks
The way that I slip and glide
If you want all the girls to roll their eyes
It’s not the size of your slide, it’s the slide of your size

All you boys, makin’ all that noise
I hope you now realize
Don’t apologize for your merchandise
It’s not the size of your slide, it’s the slide of your size

If you listen to the words of this simple song
You’ll know it don’t matter if your length ain’t long
Yes, I may be wrong, but I surmise
It’s not the size of your slide, it’s the slide of your size
Track Name: Katrina Blues
Katrina Blues Reggie Miles © 2008

I’m in Mississippi
Mud all in my shoes
My gal’s in Louisiana
Got them high water blues

And I got nuthin’ left to lose
I got them high water blues

Hard times here
My house has washed away
I’m sittin’ here prayin’
For a sunny day

And now I’m cryin’ every day
My house has washed away

That river levee
She’s long and tall
Katrina came to visit
She made that levee fall

And now there’s nuthin’ left at all
She made that levee fall

The mayor said
Move to higher ground
But there ain’t no hills
For miles around

There ain’t no hills to be found
In this old Delta town

Sittin’ here moanin’
‘Bout this hurricane
Times like these
‘Ll drive a man insane

And it’s a cryin’ shame
About that hurricane

Katrina Katrina
You've got to go
Your sister Rita's
Knockin on my door

And now you've got to go
Cause Rita's at my front door
Track Name: The Devil
The Devil by Reggie Miles © 2008

He’s known as Satan, Gozer, Beelzebub,
Old Scratch and Shiva he’s been dubbed.
Any of the above will do.
Just call his name and he will come to you.

So, from the darkest depths inside my soul,
I called up the devil way down below,
And the demon screamed a fearsome growl,
So I set him loose just to hear him howl.

He said, “Son, I’ve met your kind before.
You’re always a knockin’ on my door,
Hopin’ you’ll find in my pit of fire,
Somethin’ to fulfill your every desire.”

“And I’ve always been there with open arms,
Willing to share my many charms,
Wanting to satisfy all your needs,
Your deepest hunger for violence and greed.”

“I’m experienced and have the skill,
To grant your every wish at will.
Just name your poison. What’ll it be?
Fame, wealth, power, or all three?”

“Or do you want eternal life,
An end to war, pain, and strife?
Youth, health, or endless bliss,
I can give you all of this.”

“It’s an easy enough thing to do.
Soon all your worries will be through.
Come on down with me to my fiery crib.
Don’t forget to pack your asbestos bib.”

“Cuz gluttony’s no sin to me.
Will that be Southern deep-fried, or extra crispy?
Charbroiled, or barbecued with plenty of fat?
Wanna try some o’ my guilt free hot sauce with that?”

“Pills, I’ve got plenty, to cure all your ills,
Uppers and downers for all of your thrills,
Drink, enough to quench any thirst,
Gamblin’ and lust, I’ve got the best of the worst.”

“Have you made up your mind, or, shall I tell you more?
You’ll have a great time! There’re parties galore!
Every hate, crime, and fear
We’ve got it all, wall to wall, right here!”

“You’ve but to ask, no need to yearn.
I’ll need just one thing in return.
To remove your name from Heaven’s roll,
You’ll have to pledge to me your soul.”

“There’s no need to worry your pretty head,
With pointless thoughts of doubt, or dread.
Just sign along the dotted line,
And everything will all be fine.”

“Yes, I was there in the garden with Adam and Eve.
I opened her eyes and made her believe.
And I’ll make a believer out of you too.
Just call my name and I will come to you.”

“Just call my name
And I will come to you.”

“Just call my name.”
Track Name: Hands Full Of Blues
Hands Full Of Blues By Reggie Miles © 2008 All rights reserved

Gotta heart full of heartache, since you said goodbye
Gotta life full of troubles, and a worriful mind
I gotta pocket full of dreams, and my eyes full of tears
Had my hands full of blues for years

Got ears full of lies, mirrors full of looks
Gotta a voice full of song, a song ful of hooks
Got stories full of rumors, thoughts full of rhymes
‘Bout scratchin’ for a hat full of nickels and dimes

Nights full of tossin’ and turnin’ in bed
Dreams full of nightmares, days full of dread
Gotta mind full of mis’ry, and a head full of fears
Had my hands full of blues for years

Gotta past full of memories I’d like to forget
A future full of mistakes I ain’t made yet

Gotta road full of hazard, a path full of turns
Foot full of lead and a tank full to burn
Gotta motor full of muscle, my tranny's full of gears
Had my hands full of blues for years

I gotta pipe full of crack, a bowl full of weed
Gotta vein full of smack, a spoon full of speed
Gotta bag full of pills, a needle full of meth
Gotta clip full of bullets, a barrel full of death

Gotta belly full of whiskey to ease the pain
A nose full of cocaine drivin’ me insane
Gotta bottle full of courage, my fridge full of beers
Had my hands full of blues for years

Gotta court full of judges, a jury full of peers
Had my hands full of blues for years

Got lips full of guilt, questions full of whys
Gotta sigh full of sorrow, a tongue full of sighs
Gotta soul full of thirst as last call draws near
Had my hands full of blues for years