The Devil

by Reggie Miles

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This recording was a jam captured 'live' at Wintergrass on 3/1/15 by Brian Grunkemeier. The two primary players featured are Reggie Miles, playing his homemade Nobro resophonic guitar and singing his song "The Devil" and Brian Grunkemeier, playing lead guitar on a borrowed vintage Martin 000-18. Here's a music video featuring this song,

and here's a video of "The Devil" recorded live on the street in Santa Cruz, CA featuring violinist, Kellen, joining me for an impromptu jam.


He’s known as Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub
Old Scratch and The Devil he’s been dubbed
Any of the above will do
Just call his name and he will come to you

So, from the darkest depths inside my soul
I called up the devil way down below
And the demon screamed a fearsome growl
So I set him loose just to hear him howl

He said Son I’ve met your kind before
You’re always a knockin’ on my door
Hopin’ you’ll find in my pit of fire
Somethin’ to fulfill your every desire

And I’ve always been there with open arms
Willing to share my many charms
Wanting to satisfy all your needs
Your deepest hunger for violence and greed

Cuz I’m experienced and have the skill
To grant your every wish at will
Just name your poison. What’ll it be?
Fame, wealth, power, or all three

Or do you want eternal life?
An end to war, pain, and strife
Youth, health, or endless bliss
Yes I can give you all of this

It’s an easy enough thing to do
Soon all your worries will be through
Come on down with me to my fiery crib
Don’t forget to pack your asbestos bib

Because gluttony’s no sin to me
Will that be Southern deep-fried or extra crispy
Charbroiled or barbecued with plenty of fat
Wanna try some o’ my guilt free hot sauce with that?

Pills I’ve got plenty to cure all your ills
Uppers and downers for all of your thrills
Drink enough to quench any thirst
Gamblin’ and lust I’ve got the best of the worst

Have you made up your mind or shall I tell you more?
You’ll have a great time there’s parties galore
Every hate, crime and fear
We’ve got it all wall to wall right here

You’ve but to ask, no need to yearn
I’ll need just one thing in return
To remove your name from Heaven’s roll
You’ll have to pledge to me your soul

There’s no need to worry your pretty head
With pointless thoughts of doubt or dread
Just sign along the dotted line
And everything will all be fine

I was there in the garden with Adam and Eve
I opened her eyes and made her believe
And I’ll make a believer out of you too
Just call my name and I will come to you
Just call my name and I will come to you
Just call my name


released April 2, 2015
Reggie Miles: songwriter, singer, composer, guitarist
Brian Grunkemeier: lead guitar, giggles
Recording captured 'live' by Brian Grunkemeier



all rights reserved


Reggie Miles Seattle, Washington

A Folk/Blues artist from the US Pacific Northwest
A Songwriter, Singer, Storyteller, Slide Guitarist & Sawplayer
Earthy vocals, resophonic guitar bottleneckin’ and the rhythmic moans of harmonica combine while foot stompin’ abounds.
Turns recycled trash into "Nobro" resophonic guitars.
An award winning songwriter, composer, recording and performance artist
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